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  1. ColourWave Collapsible 2-In-1 Watering Can Bucket, 7-Liter, Sunshine Yellow




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    Need a good helper with watering your garden and tired of lugging around your heavy hose? Introducing the Collapsible lightweight bucket and watering can from ColourWave. It becomes handy everywhere you go with, whether it be camping with your family and friends, going on adventures on a boat, or just having an additional storage bin that is collapsible and takes no space in your apartment. Wait don’t forget it’s a super handy watering can to help water your household or outdoor plants. ColourWave has a you covered, this 2-in-1 Bucket/Watering can have multiple advantages! Easy to Use, Light weight, watering can, easily converts to a bucket by just ending cap for bucket use. It has a hanging loop that makes it perfect for saving your living space. Just hang the bucket on the wall! Made from premium quality modern materials this ColourWave 2-in-1 Bucket/Watering can RESISTANT TO FROST, UV RESISTANT and prevent any leaking. Environmentally Friendly: this product can be recycled. CAPACITY: (BUCKET) 10 Liters 2.6 US Gallons. (Watering Can) 7Liters, 1.8US Gallons. COLOR: Yellow.