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  1. Premius 7-Piece Silicone Reusable Straws With Cleaning Brush, Multicolor




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    Refresh your dining space today with the Premius 7-Piece Silicone Reusable Straws With Cleaning Brush. These reusable silicone straws are 100% BPA free and plastic free. Made from soft silicone and will remain room temperature even if a drink is piping hot. They are thin enough to fit through the slit in a hot coffee cup. Can be used in most glasses, tumblers, thermos, mason jars, kids cups and bottles to drink water, juice, cold brew coffee, ice-tea or festive cocktails. Or if you have a smaller cup, you can always trim them down to the size you want. The straws are bendy, flexible and collapsible. Making them portable for travel, store in pant pocket, purse, gym bag, sealable water bottle, lunch box or straw carrying case. Not only are they BPA free, non-toxic and safe for your overall health, the soft, flexible nature of silicone straws keeps kids and adults safe from eye pokes, throat gouges, and chipped teeth. Safe for kids and toddlers due to their non teeth chipping silicone construction. Soft to bite down on, yet durable enough to resist tears. These straws are resistant to heat conduction. Because silicone does not absorb heat or cold like glass, metal, and plastic straws, they do not quickly become overly hot or cold when drinking a hot or cold drink. These straws are sturdy and dishwasher-safe. To clean and sterilize, simply place them into the dishwasher or use our straw cleaning brush to completely remove all the gunk out of the straws. You can reuse each silicone straw for over a year, and much much longer if you take care of them! The package contains 7 Pieces. INCLUDES: 6 Straws and 1 Cleaning brush. MATERIAL: Silicone. SIZE: 10 Inches. COLOR: Multi