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  1. SuperSliders 16-Pack Hard and Carpetted Reusable Furniture Moving Kit, Linen




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    Move your furniture across carpets easily and quickly with the SuperSliders by Waxman Hard Reusable Furniture Moving Kit. With these furniture sliders, you don’t have to worry about moving large items across hard surfaces and carpet. Simply put them under your large and heavy items and they will help you quickly and easily move your items across all surfaces, carpeted and hard! Perfect for moving tables, chairs, desks, dressers, and more. This Furniture moving kit is a must-have for anyone who likes to rearrange furniture every few months. You can use plastic sliders for carpeted surfaces and felt sliders for hardwood, tile and linoleum surfaces. Both types of furniture movers help protect your floors from damage while moving or everyday use. These furniture sliders provide proper weight distribution and a secure grip, that makes it easy to move your furniture into just the right place. You can use them and keep them on for future to make your cleaning day a breeze, it will help you clean those hard to reach spaces, or you can remove them after moving to use it again and again while this sliders are reusable. PACKAGE CONTENTS: Hard: Round (4) 7 Inches and (4) 3.5 Inches. Bars (4) 9x2.5 Inches. Felt: Round (4) 3.5 Inches. COLOR: Linen